A Guide To The Different Types Of Tiles

Tiles are manufactured using a number of different materials. While there are so many available, there are some that are more popular than others. For those who need to buy new tiles to renovate an area of the home, here’s a guide on some of the different tiles you can choose.

  1. Stone Tiles

Stone tiles, like flagstone tiles, are popular because of their natural blended coloured appearance. These tiles have the ability to add a beautiful appearance to any home and can offer an easy to maintain design that’s perfect for a large variety of applications. Stone tiles are generally suited for floors, walls, patios, and decking areas where you may want to add some class and sophistication. Generally, there’s a great range of different stone options to choose from including limestone, travertine, bluestone, granite and more!

  1. Porcelain and Ceramic

These types of tiles are used commonly in the bathroom but have their uses in a number of areas. They can be unglazed or glazed and are made from refined materials which are fired in a kiln at high temperatures to create the finished appearance. These tiles can be different colours and patterns and can be mixed and matched with a number of different tiles.

  1. Mosaic

Mosaic tiles offer so many different advantages. These tiles are generally small and are used for decorative feature points of a room. They’re generally made from small tiles and glass and can be use in a horizontal or vertical shape to add a beautiful finish.


When it comes to different tiles on offer as you can see there’s a few to choose from. So what type of tile are you going to choose?

What Type Of Bathroom Tiles Should I Choose?

Tiling a bathroom isn’t something that you should take lightly. You’ll be looking at the finished result for years to come. Because of this, this is why it’s important for you to take your tile choosing seriously. You want to make sure the tiles you choose are the ones that are user friendly and appealing to the eye. Here’s some tips on choosing tiles.

  1. Choose A Clean Looking Tile – When searching for tiles, try to choose a clean looking tile. Gloss tiles offer a clean appearance and are great for providing a beautiful finish when installed. They can also help to make the room look bigger with their reflective appearance.
  2. Choose Colours Wisely – The next thing to consider is choosing a colour. You need to make sure your colours best suit your room. For smaller rooms, it’s best to work on lighter coloured tiles to help make the space wider. While the majority of tiles are light, using a darker tile can help to highlight a feature point in the room without compromising the space.
  3. Draw Eyes With Colours – When buying coloured tiles, don’t forget to add something in there that will draw the eye. A pattern or mosaic tile is great for drawing attention to itself, so it’s a good way to highlight the look of the home.


When highlighting your bathroom there’s a few different tiles you can choose. Choosing the right tile will help make your room beautiful and complete. So have you chosen a tile?




Benefits OF Using Tiles In Your Home

Tiles are a number one flooring and wall option for homes and bathrooms across the UK. Tiles are so versatile they offer a number of different benefits which are perfect for all your individual needs. Tiles are great for both commercial and residential environments. If you’re considering whether to install tiles Surrey into your home, here’s some of the benefits to help get you started.

  1. They Don’t Burn – Tiles don’t burn which makes them suitable for use in the kitchen area. They have generally been burnt in a very hot kiln in the manufacturing process so any sort of fire won’t do any damage to them.
  2. Anti-static – Another great thing about tiles is that they provide antistatic properties. This means they’re not electrically charged when you walk across them or when exposed to friction. This is great for anyone who may be more prone to static in different areas of their life.
  3. HygienicTiles are also more hygienic that other types of flooring such as carpets. Tiles don’t trap dust and dirt so it makes them a lot easier to clean overall. This is perfect for anyone who may have allergies or have pets within the home.


Tiles offer so many great benefits for anyone looking to install them within their home. With so many great advantages of installing tiles you can find a number of different options at your local tiles shop. So are you ready to install tiles within your home?




Top Ways To Make Your Kitchen Better

A kitchen should be able to offer high functionality when being used. If it’s not functional, it can leave you frustrated, annoyed and continually hating your kitchen. When it comes to kitchens Reading designs, it’s important to design your kitchen so it adds value and creates a functional finish. Here’s some tips on how to make your kitchen better.

  1. Determine The Island’s Function – When incorporating an island, it’s important to determine what it will be used for the most. Is it for extra storage space? Will it add the bench space that you need? Islands are great so when designing it make sure it’s functional enough to add value to your kitchen and not just be a lump of wood in the middle of it.
  2. Benchtops – Your benchtop should be able to offer sufficient space for you to work in the kitchen. Choose a benchtop that’s going to last and one that matches in well with your kitchen. If you don’t then you may find your kitchen will be lacking with appeal and with user-friendliness.
  3. Incorporate A Range Hood – Range hoods are great for helping to suck up grease from the cooking area. This helps to limit grease build up on top of cupboards. They’re easily cleaned and are user friendly when cooking.


When it comes to a kitchen renovation, it’s important to consider everything to make your kitchen come alive and better in its functionality. So are you ready to design your kitchen?

What To Ask Your Bi Fold Door Supplier

Bi folding doors are becoming a popular choice amongst home owners with more and more people opting to install them within their home. When it comes to bi fold doors London, it’s a good idea to ask you suppliers about the many different types of doors they have and what they can offer for the price that you’re looking to pay. Here’s some of the questions you should ask your door supplier before buying bifolding doors.

  • Do you offer a fitting and installation service or are you only a supply company?
  • Do your doors have any thermal efficiency? If so how thermal efficient are they?
  • You offer a few different types of bifolding doors what’s the difference between them?
  • What are the prices of your bifolding doors?
  • Do you have low foot thresholds for your bifolding doors?
  • Do you offer different opening configurations?
  • What’s a traffic door and do I need to purchase one?
  • What sort of security mechanism does your bi-folding doors have?
  • Do you manufacture your own bifolding doors?
  • Who manufacturers your bifolding doors?
  • How slim are your bifolding doors?
  • How large can your bifolding doors go and how far can they cover?


When buying bifolding doors it’s important that you take everything into consideration. By taking the time to understand what you’re getting you will know that the bifolds that you choose are what you’re after. So are you ready to buy your bifold doors?